Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions about Racine Vocational Ministry, your answer might be found here.  Please feel free to call us if you have any further questions.

01  What is vocational ministry?

It is a ministry that focuses on the entire person, not just whether they attain and maintain a job. It helps a person determine his or her true calling, the gift that gives each life meaning and purpose.

02  Who is eligible to be a RVM client?

Generally speaking, there are no prerequisites. Though the office is located in downtown Racine, Racine Vocational Ministry serves all of Racine County.

Currently Kenosha Vocational Ministry only serves those with criminal backgrounds.

03  I have a criminal record, can I still receive services?

Yes. In fact, the program helps participants address those problems that have stalled their work opportunities. Many people with criminal backgrounds (who were motivated and committed to change) have found employment and begun careers with the assistance of RVM.

04  When are the Solutions for Success classes held?

Solutions for Success is a series of trainings around job readiness (see Programs page). Training sessions are held each month at RVM. Opportunities to sharpen your skills will be provided at the time of the intake interview.

05  Do you charge any fees to participate in your program?

​No. Our services are offered free of charge to all participants. Further, we require no fees from employers to work with our participants.

06  What is expected of me as a client?

​You are expected to actively participate in the job training, search and coaching processes and to work to broaden your skill set and understanding of the U.S. business culture. Those motivated to make changes in their lives and in the way they engage their community are welcome to use our services.

07  How do I get started?

For the Second Chance program, call Heather Bennett at 633-8660 ext. 202 or

For the Jobs program, call Lori Life at 633-8660 ext. 203 or e-mail to set up an intake appointment.

08  From where does RVM receive its funding?

​The Racine Vocational Ministry is grateful for the financial support of a wide range of organizations and individuals. This support includes over a dozen community churches, numerous foundations, as well as local, state and federal government grant providers. A large number of individual donors and volunteers are also critical to our mission’s success.  If you are interested in donating to RVM, you can click here for more information.

09  Where would I find more information about your Re-Entry Program?

​Please visit the Second Chance section of our Programs page for more information.