Mr. 2,000: Once out of work and homeless, local man becomes 2,000 person to get a job through Racine

Encouragement from Participants

Losing one’s job is traumatic enough. Add to that the end of a marriage, legal issues and homelessness, and Tim Lehrer had hit what he felt was rock bottom in 2008.

With nowhere else to go, Lehrer made his way to Racine’s Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization’s shelter and it was there that he learned about Racine Vocational Ministry — a faith-based, nonprofit social service agency that serves people throughout Racine County. He turned to RVM in hopes that it could help him find a job, and it was during the agency’s Solutions for Success course that Lehrer realized that RVM offered more than just job search assistance.

“They work with you as a whole person so that you can improve yourself,” he said. “They help you find out who you are.”

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